Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Awakening

The clay enlivened
Hearts weep outwards and within
Carrying along the withered soul
To the waterfall of youth
Through lost seasons of spring
Time to get ready, awake now!

Fears diminish beneath those
Eyes like lotus petals, and
Bows and arrows— the ever feeding hatred
Let them all be gone
Let tales of thirst drink to the lees
The chanting of peace

Before the flight of the nightingale, and
The Agrahayan breezes
Before does awake the sky, clad in kites
To the tunes of self-submission
Muses the beats of Srikhola at dawn
Slumber, you Gods!

Goddesses awake.


Dorothy said...

That was a nice poem...

Raoul said...

The music of autumn is full of hope and love... illuminating and enchanting. A good effort.

Schneider said...

Gratuliere! das ist interessant!