Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For Kolkata, Love’s Labour is not all Lost.

Where whenas death shall all the world subdew,
Our love shall live and later life renew.
--- Edmund Spenser
How can one not write about the ever-changing, ever evolving expressions of love while discussing the changing face of Kolkata? When you are 20 something and belong to the Gen-RDB, romancing love seems to be the best way to understand the soul of Kolkata.

While one can see the city is stretching its arms with extended towns, malls and multiplexes, flyovers and skyscrapers…One can feel the city is gradually opening up to the uninhibited and honest notions of love and public display of affection. It is such a relief that you rarely attract frowns nowadays while taking a stroll together on the street or sitting intimately in the gardens, which, until recently, were still taboos among us. What is more heartening is Kolkata could be the most liberal among Indian cities when you discuss homosexual love.

Some might say the haste and hustle of the new millennium have ripped love off its coyness, innuendos and veiled mysteries to make it insipid. But I strongly oppose them. I believe the green stretch of Maidan still looks greener, the traffic jam at Belgachhia crossing seems bearable, the waterlogged lanes of Behala do not bother us anymore, the dustbowl of the Book Fair adds to our complexion…Kolkata still seems beautiful when you fall in love.

Kolkata makes you cry when you say goodbye to your love at the Terminals.

Kolkata makes you feel blessed when you travel in the last metro home with your sweetheart. And then we all know, Love’s labour is not all lost in Kolkata.


Citizen Kane said...

Kolkata... Love Me Do.

Dorothy said...

truly, love shows us a number of colors.