Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Smearing blood on the pitch black
Off to the beach, the moon goes back
Troubled waters, scuffling oceans

Finding your way through desolate streets
Come home to watch your kid on sleeping sheets
Fiery strips aplenty in the city, on stage

Gesturing with the eyes, yet again
Beckoning the music of the soul, down memory lane
Peeping to amaze, let’s bring them back

A single footstep would fetch you closer.

Of Relationships

Clusters of fragments, which am I,
A single posture to read
Darkness has been discussed
With an excuse of enlightenment
And riverbeds rise within
The stream of my earthly breath, and
Bygone daylights

Those who claimed to be related
With punctuation marks and metaphors galore,
Wipe out with deft strokes of colours
All identities— a complete washout

What to be done as Feminism keeps me
At gunpoint
Self images frame me up like a tutor,
What excited bureaucracy the day before,
Comes today seasoned with Dramatics
What to be done?

In this congested metropolis
No sight is image.

The Awakening

The clay enlivened
Hearts weep outwards and within
Carrying along the withered soul
To the waterfall of youth
Through lost seasons of spring
Time to get ready, awake now!

Fears diminish beneath those
Eyes like lotus petals, and
Bows and arrows— the ever feeding hatred
Let them all be gone
Let tales of thirst drink to the lees
The chanting of peace

Before the flight of the nightingale, and
The Agrahayan breezes
Before does awake the sky, clad in kites
To the tunes of self-submission
Muses the beats of Srikhola at dawn
Slumber, you Gods!

Goddesses awake.