Monday, November 19, 2007

It's all in Your Head

There is this notion got into the psyche of many people that it is only natural that a rich man dares to foray into something big, extraordinary or larger than life dreams while the common man with less or no money has to remain satisfied with small goals and meager achievements. This theory would immediately spark off the debate if human excellence has something to do with the amount of currency one has in his bank balance! Even if we doubt the veracity of this statement, we can not deny the fact that the basic difference lies in the way of thinking-

Those who have achieved big have dreamed big and smaller dreams have lead people to smaller goals.

Some might argue that you can not dream big without a financial stability behind your back and they can, in no time, draw conclusion that big goals come after big bucks. But the example of Walt Disney, who had nothing but a skimpy $40 with him when he set foot in Los Angeles, and many like Disney nullifies this verdict.

Here, we can surely say that money is not the prerequisite of dreaming high, rather it is the courage and sheer passion for something in men what drive them to take plunges and to think bigger than ever.

Examples are aplenty to justify this argument. A good number of ordinary businessmen are there who start off with a small store at 24 and would end up retiring from work at 64, possibly from the same, old store! The dearth of ambition in them leads them to nowhere. On the contrary, there is another kind of businessmen who, starting off with the same would eventually grow bigger, possibly with multiple stores or other types of business, in times to come. Here, the difference in thinking makes the difference of lifestyle and what not?

You can only reach somewhere near the sky if sky is the limit for you. Otherwise stay happy being in the puddle if you do not dare think big.

Money does not bring you success, thoughts do. Think big, it’s all in your head.